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PRAGUE, Czechia - World leader organizations in Empowerment through Self Defense will be gathered in Prague from May 20 to 27. Participants from over 20 countries and from 18 to 68 years old will be trained as trainers to empower their communities to counter verbal, psychological and physical attacks.

Empowerment Self Defense is an innovative violence prevention educational tool that has been proven to effectively reduce the incidence of abuse. Through the 5 principles of ESD, ESD Global teaches a set of skills that can be used to de-escalate violent situations and defend ourselves and others.

ESD Global Self Defense, in May 20 will start an intensive seven-days training in Prague, a program that focuses on the capacity building while modernizing the thinking and the approach of human rights professionals, educators and martial artist as well as the government employees, visioning gender equality and a world free of violence.

In this training personalities such as Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman and Arlene Limas will be present. Yudit Sidikman is the founder and president of ESD Global, cofounder of El Halev as well as the founder and CEO at MyPwr Ltd, she is a social entrepreneur, thought leader, educator. She is a fourth-degree black belt in Judo and holds an MBA in Psychology.

Arlene Limas is a US Taekwondo Olympic Gold Medalist, she has made history as the first American to win the Gold Medal at the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea in Taekwondo which made its Olympic debut as an exhibition sport.

Auspices are being provided to the training by the Embassy of Israel in Prague, the Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of the United States of America in Prague. Representatives of these institutions are invited and will attend the closing ceremony.  Thanks to the patronage also go to Mariana Čapková, Chairwoman of the Education Committee of the ZHMP. 

The ESD Global Teachers Training is a unique experience organized by ESD Global, a US-based nonprofit organization established in 2017 with the objective to cultivate and teach Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) instructors all over the world. In a two years process, which includes training and mentorship, the participants will be provided with tools to prevent and eradicate interpersonal violence where it is prevalent. The trainees will be able to teach how to recognize abuse, coercion, and boundary violation; communicate assertively and advocate for oneself under stress; physically protect oneself from violence perpetrated by strangers, as well as familiar people.

Additionally, for this training, ESD Global is dedicating some spots for professionals of NGOs in the bordering countries with Ukraine as well as to women refugee leaders in their community. By participating in the training, they can learn trauma-informed tools to prevent victimization and support the healing process, as well as decrease feeling of            


ESD Global wants to offer full scholarships to these participants, therefore it has started a fundraising campaign to ask for help in achieving this goal: 

Contact: Livia Tice:

ESD Global Europe (English, German, Albanian) Mob. +355692878057 

Contact: Linda Stucbartova:

ESD Representative in the Czech Republic (English, Czech)

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About ESD Global: Established in 2017, ESD Global is dedicated to making Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) accessible around the world through increasing public awareness of its profound benefits, providing instructor trainings to leaders to teach ESD in their communities. ESD Global provides programs worldwide to train community members and leaders to become empowerment self defense instructors, so that they can teach ESD in their communities. Instructors work within their social and cultural contexts to ensure that the training is appropriate for different settings.

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