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      I see myself as kind of a liquid, as in I fill my container so if you give me a big audience in a big room I will figure out how to fill that container or a big room with a small audience, I'll figure out how to make that a little more intimate whether it’s calling people to move in a little closer or jumping off the stage and getting a little closer to them. 


Yehudit's Interactive Lectures

All lectures can be catered to meet the needs or your company, group, or organizations and can be adapted for virtual formats including webinars and podcasts. 

Every creature is born with a self-defense system. We are all born with an instinct to protect our food, our homes, and our bodies. If you watch a mother dog with her puppies, you see her nurturing this instinct in their play, regardless of the puppies' gender.

When we educate girls, however, more often than not, this instinct is not nurtured. Think Equal, Teach Equal helps explain why this is so dangerous, and what we can do to educate girls and women to stay safe.

Violence against women and children is the world's most prevalent health issue of our time. But the power to change that is in our hands. 

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What if. . .? 

What if we taught women, children, and other vulnerable populations, The Three A's? 

Acknowledge. Announce. Act. 

What if we taught them to respect themselves enough to know that they are worth fighting for, and know that they have the ability to respond and stand up to various types of violence? 

In recent years, the discourse about violence against women and children has grown strong. We have seen the rise of the #MeToo movement, and we have seen more and more harsh evidence of the prevalence of domestic, sexual, and gender-based violence. 

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It is estimated that 1 in 3 women will experience either gender-based or sexual violence in their lifetime. The majority of this violence occurs before the age of 26, which means that a large portion of school children and approximately one-third of the female workforce are survivors of violence.


Gender-based violence (GBV) has been associated with significantly lower academic achievements, as well as higher absentee rates, more sick days and poorer health of employees in the workforce.  


GBV should no longer be treated as a given, a problem with no solution. We must begin to view gender-based violence as a preventable health issue and do our best to “inoculate” girls against it.  


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   I am taking you on a tour of the historical and current modern-day understandings of Empowerment Self Defense so that when you leave the tour, you have been given enough information to make decisions about and ask yourself “is this something you would want to do, is this something you would want your children to do, is this something you want to bring into your office or your school?” 


  Yehudit's deep well of experience and knowledge, in combination with her approachability and humor, makes her one of the leading voices in the anti-violence movement today.


For the sake of women and children everywhere, I am so grateful to Yehudit for doing her big work in the world."

~ Erin Weed, Founder of Evoso Academy and Girls Fight Back

    Yehudit is a dynamic speaker. Her presentations not only offer practical information on how to stay safe, but also the inspiration to give us the moral courage to act to protect ourselves.

Her natural energy and enthusiasm translate into an entertaining and impactful seminar that is life-changing for participants."


~ Erin Michelson, Founder and CEO, Summery

   When Yehudit took the stage at our 2018 Annual Summit as a panelist and later led an ESD workshop for attendees, it was clear to all – she is a fearless leader who is always striving for more – new ideas, new connections, and new collaborations – all with an end goal of eradicating violence against women and girls across the globe."

~ Amanda Griffin, Director of Community Engagement, Women Moving Millions

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